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Acquisition Module

What is a Government Asset?

Government property assets are purchased or rented buy with government money received through donations or gifts or acquired through legal process.

Assets are divided into several groups and how do mengkategorikannya?

Assets are divided into two parts, namely:

  1. Capital assets asset turnover is in excess of RM1, 000.00 original and requires scheduled maintenance (vehicles/equipment computer) and registered in KEW. P.a. 2.

  2. The assets of the original Inventory turnover is less than RM1, 000 and do not require maintenance (furniture/computers) and registered in Kew. P.a. 3.

What are the steps to be taken by the Department to dispose of the assets?

The steps are:

  1. The Department identify assets to be disposed of.

  2. Head of Department shall appoint an officer to the Board of Examiners using Kew. P.a. 15 consisting of 2 and period of appointment not exceeding 2 years.

  3. For disposal of the vehicle must complete form Kew. P.a. 16 and sent to JKR Workshops for authentication.

  4. For computer disposal shall complete form Kew. P.a. 16 and sent to UPMN. (ICT Information Centre).

  5. Forward Kew. P.a. 17 approved by the Board of examiners to the State Treasury for approved by State financial officer (recommendation of the Board of Examiners for the types of disposal).

  6. After receiving approval from the State financial officer (Kew. P.a. 17) the Department shall make the disposal as recommendation of the Board of examiners.

  7. Prepare a certificate of disposal of Kew. P.a. 19 and sent to the State financial officer and recorded in the Department.

What are the steps to be taken in the event of loss of assets or money?

  1. Report to the police within 24 hours.

  2. The Department provides the initial report (Kew. P.a. 28) and sent to the Treasury or State Audit.

  3. Department shall establish an Investigating Committee within 2 weeks from the date the initial report was signed.

  4. The investigating Committee to submit reports by using the form Kew. P.a. 29.

  5. Submit a final report to the Treasury through form Kew. P.a. 30 within 2 months.

  6. Forward Asset Write-off Certificate form Kew. P.a. 31 to Treasury.

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