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Function Chart



  • Preparing the budget circular
  • Make examination and recommend the annual expenses in managing, development and results of government agencies and State Statutory bodies
  • Manage and provide the annual budget preparation process for approval and DUN and AREA NAMES. annual budget book
  • Manage grant-grant of a claim and the help of the Federal Government to the State Government
  • Recommend new provision, an additional allocation, transfer of additional provisions, transfer provisions and to prepare papers and the AREA NAMES.
  • Oversee production of all warrants
  • Supervising and reviewing the performance of expenditure and development agencies to prepare a report for the consideration of the
  • To review, oversee and recommend the application for establishment of the Agency as well as to the personnel of the State Inspectorate Committee
  • Overseeing State Government loans and State Government to Statutory bodies
  • Monitor State Government loans and provisions relating to statutory bodies and State Government
  • Oversee the management of revenue State Government agencies
  • Analyze the information about the results of government agencies and State Government revenue-making expectations in the future
  • Study for improving State Government revenue collection
  • Review of the Government's financial performance over time

Procurement & Asset Management

  • Monitoring activities Procurement and Asset Management departments of the State in terms of policy implementation procedures
  • Processing of applications for approval of special assets
  • Processing of applications for appointment of consultants and extension of contract
  • Processing of applications for acceptance and signature of the letter of contract documents
  • Special offers native process applications
  • Processing of applications for appointment of the chairman of the committee and the exchange quotation
  • Processing of applications for disposal of assets, write-off and loss included application submitted query and provides the certificate paper
  • Monitor and coordinate the implementation of asset modules through SPEKS
  • To provide advice, training and related inspection Procurement and Assets

Analysis of the Investment Monitoring

  • Planning, controlling and conducting the business of investment and investment accounting records and accounting records of the investment for state governments and subsidiaries of the State, especially the Chief Minister Incorporated (MBI)
  • Reviewing and monitoring the investments made by State agencies and reports / views to the management to improve the transparency and soundness of financial management and accounting of all agencies concerned investment
  • Assist management in making investment decisions for the allocation of state governments and its subsidiaries
  • Collect information and submit a financial analysis as well as the viability of an investment to be submitted for the consideration of the state government
  • Streamline and enhance control over all investments undertaken by the State Governments and all agencies that monitor business investment is made more rigorous and structured
  • The secretariat to the Committee on Foreign Investment


  • Coordinate and monitor the collection of state revenue
  • Planning efforts to increase state revenue
  • Finding new sources of state revenue
  • Prepare financial statements and reports results


Administration & Human Resource Management


  • Security Management Office and hygiene
  • Management of correspondence and filing systems
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Management of the publication of the annual report of the department
  • Management reviews the implementation of the computerization of the department
  • Implementation management ISO 9000
  • Management Management Meeting
  • Financial and Account Management Committee, together with the Council and the Department of Management Integrity Committee

Human Resource

  • Personnel management and promotion services
  • Providing records management services and leave the department members
  • Process management department disciplinary action member
  • Preparation of papers of office of members of retirement
  • Preparation of the statement of changes in management salaries of members of the department
  • Providing management support annual increment of department
  • Preparation of annual work target management and performance evaluation report of the department
  • Management Salary Movement Panel and Secretariat Department PPG
  • Personal information management data updating SISPEN Department
  • Drafting tables training programs / courses
  • Recruitment management appointments and the extension of the temporary staff services

Financial Management & Oversight Audit

The application of the State Department on:

  • Management approval car loans
  • Loan application claims management computer
  • Management approval of advance applications
  • Management approval of disposal / write-off
  • Management approval under I.P. 100 (a) and the Financial Procedure Act
  • Approval for the purchase of external management contract
  • Management approval of the application for waiver of tender / quotation
  • Preparation of records management vehicle loans / computer / advances

Department of Finance:

  • Management of the annual budget and additional spending departments
  • Provision of safety management department
  • Supervisory management purchase equipment and office needs
  • Opening Committee Secretariat departments quotation
  • The provision of a monthly salary of members of the management department
  • Management payment vouchers for goods, supplies of travel claims, overtime etc.
  • Production management and the provision of local order book position vot
  • Management approval of the purchase contract
  • The quotation exception of supply management


  • Preparation of annual management memorandum KAN reports and feedback on the recommendations of the departments PAC
  • Secretariat Coordinator
  • Integrity of the State Administration of Foreign Financial Management Committee Meeting
  • Coordination of financial feedback JPM Meeting, Parliament, MMK, etc. General Meeting of Transport Ministers

Computer unit

  • Computer Unit is responsible for the State Treasury
  • Ensure operations run smoothly on the computer in the input document processing, updating data
  • hardware maintenance
  • Reviewing existing systems and programs and implement reforms from time to time
  • Provides specifications for the new accounting system / renovation program
  • Responsible for the implementation of Government Accounting System Standard (SPEKS)


Service & Operations

  • Responsible for the smooth operation of the Treasury Department include the Revised Unit, Payroll Unit and Payment Unit
  • Approve payment vouchers and journal vouchers
  • Answer all related audit comments Review Unit, Payroll Unit and Unit cost
  • Regulation of Amusement State
  • Advising the state departments of management procedures and preparation tasks check, pay and salaries
  • Manage the process off vouchers, documents and electric machines
  • Oversee the collection of revenues such as fixed deposits, entertainment tax, payroll checks
  • Manage counter
  • Preparing the draft gazette deposit
  • Receive levy entertainment tax, amusement tax exemption certificate management and returns amusement tax adjustment
  • Prepare payment vouchers entertainment tax refund back to FINAS
  • Provides estimates of the Treasury Division
  • Receive, check, check mail / daily checks
  • Opening files


  • Responsible for the Unit of Account and Audit Unit Cash
  • The report presents the Annual Financial Statements State
  • Provides bank balance statements / daily cash and the State Financial Performance Report
  • Responding to criticisms related to Foreign Financial Statements, Report of the Committee of Public Accounts of the State of the Unit of Account / Cash Audit
  • Responsible for the preparation and maintenance of accounts and affairs related thereto
  • Closing Circular provides treasury and Preparation of Annual Accounts Annual Accounts Code State
  • Manage the work of adjustment Bank Receipts / Payment
  • Manage application destruction of account books and financial documents, financial (AP 150) of state departments





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