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Investment Monitoring Module

How long a claim payment is processed by the LTAWNT?

Payments and cheques will be completed within 7 working days after the perfect claim is verified and stamped received by the Finance Department.

How long does it take to form signature and transfer a SMP project?
The time it takes to complete within 7 working days.
How does the purchase procedure and transfer houses Downstream Course PAKSR work?
  1. Application letter from the buyer to the Corporation the Ministers (MBI Inc.).

  2. Conditions to the original purchaser shall resolve all outstanding fees such as bank loans and monthly maintenance fee.

  3. Payment for the transfer of process applies rm500.00 perunit, with approval for the transfer.

  4. The buyer shall appoint new lawyers for the purchase and transfer arrangements. Submit form 14A for transfer.

  5. Approval form 14A and signature by the Menteri Besar.

  6. The process of registration of transfer in turn managed by lawyers.

How does the purchase procedure and transfer of low-cost houses in the Kondo Rakyat?

  1. The second letter of application by the purchaser.

  2. The letter forwarded to SUK Housing for approval.

  3. The applicant must fill in the application form the Open Registration System Home and submit to SUK housing. Subsequently the applicant will be interviewed by SUK housing.

  4. If successful, the applicant shall appoint a lawyer for home purchases and transfer arrangements.

  5. Transfer of ownership form 14A and the agreement will be signed by JUNIOR HIGH passed LTAWNT Secretary and State financial officer.

  6. The property will be handed over to the buyer Srata after buyers complete the home payment and maintenance fees.


What if the remaining differences occur with the remainder of the State Treasurer's Department in providing reconciliation of trust/deposit?

While preparing the reconciliation of trust/deposits in the event of the difference between the balance of the Department with the State Treasurer for balance it should be done in accordance with the formats as follows:


  1. Receipts taken into account (credit) in the records of the Treasurer of State, but was not included in the records Department (list ' A ').
  2. Costs have been accounted for in the Department's records but was not in the State Treasurer's records (list ' B ').


1. payment (Debit) was rejected in the State Treasurer's records but was not included in the records Department (LIST of ' C ').

2. Receipts was accounted for in the Department's records but was not taken into account by the State Treasurer (list ' D ').

Plus Less:

Other Credit/Debit adjustment (the difference that cannot be detected by the Department through receipts or costs (list ' E ').

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