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SPEKS module and EFT


Why order number (LO) is not available on a note asking even already passed?

Please use the approver ID and press the button Combos in note request (No. 1).

Why no voucher number on Invoice Billing local order (Button 5) and Express Costs without PT (No. 8) after the press pass?

Please use your browser ID and press the button Combos at local Order Invoice Billing (Button No. 5) and Express Costs Without PT (No. 8).

Why a voucher Costs being queried and cancelled by Bursary?

  1. If involved with error code sodo, JAB or GOVERNMENT AGENCIES should cancel all the screen and key in the data.

  2. If there is a mistake in the description and code of the bank, JAB or GOVERNMENT AGENCIES can EDIT in the billing invoice (Button No. 5) and express without local orders (No. 8).

  3. If errors occur at Info, JAB or GOVERNMENT AGENCIES only have to EDIT the billing invoice and save it (Button No. 5) and express costs without local orders (No. 8).

How the process of collecting Statements?

Make sure the date from and date to the same date the receipt was issued.

I have received a letter from other departments that inform one payment has been made to my Department through EFT (Direct Payment to the Bank). What action should I take?
  1. Department of master shall obtain a copy of "credit information" from the bank confirming the payment has been deposited in the account.

  2. Make a receipt and statement of Collector and enter the result.

  3. The statement need not be sent Collectors into the bank.

  4. Please attach a copy of "credit information" received from the bank at each statement Collector for review the State Treasury Office and the Audit Office.

  5. The original receipt must be sent to the paying Office as proof of such payment.

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